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Firefox Splash Screen

I don’t know about you, but splash screen have always kind of annoyed me a little. Maybe I am just a guy who likes to get down to business. Love them or hate them though, I have to say adding one to Firefox is pretty interesting.

The Firefox Extension Guru took a deeper look for himself at the practice and how it all looks:

Firefox, especially if you have lots of extensions, does take sometime to start up. There are times I wonder is it loading? So I click the icon again thinking may be it didn’t work the first time around. Then I end up with Fx opened up in two windows. This is not a big deal, I just closed the extra browser window.

So do you love them or hate them?

Small Screen Renderer

Have you ever wondered what your Web site looks like on a cell phone? The Small Screen Renderer extension for Firefox will help your dreams come true. Sure, you could probably just drag your browser to a tiny width and try to guess on the rest. Why do that though when you have an extension that will do the work for you?

[Learn More About the Small Screen Renderer!]