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No this scrollbar does not help you earn cash. I don’t think Google AdSense has figured out a way to put ads on the scrollbar yet. This RichScrollbar extension promises to deliver a more feature rich experience in your everyday browsing.

So what does it do?

This extension add to scrollbars some buttons to simplify common scrolling operations, actually only one button is present allowing scrolling to the top/bottom of the page. The button is present in main browser pages, text areas and list boxes.

+ Download and Install the RichScrollbar Extension for Firefox!

Scrollbar For Your Tabs

I like the idea of having so many tabs open they start to stack up. While I am writing here, I always have multiple things going on at the same time. Now when it comes to switching between twenty or so tabs, you start to find using the default methods of navigating through them aggravating. If you find yourself in this type of pickle, then you need the Tab Overflow Scrollbar extension.

+ Learn More About the Tab Overflow Extension!