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FirefoxFacts.com Search Plugin

I had a little free time to spare today, so I thought I would write up a search plugin for FirefoxFacts.com. It is really easy to drag and drop search engine plugins into Firefox, but just in case anybody doesn’t know, I’ll walk through it with you.

1. Unzip the FFSearchPlugin.zip to your desktop

2. Navigate to your “searchplugins” folder (Usually found in Program Files > Mozilla Firefox > searchplugins)

3. Drag and drop firefoxfacts.src and firefoxfacts.gif into the searchplugins folder

4. Restart Firefox, and have fun searching FirefoxFacts.com!

There might not be too much to search through just yet, but in the future this should become a very helpful resource.

[Download the FirefoxFacts.com Search Plugin (.zip)]