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Flagfox Delivers More URL Snooping Tools

Flagfox Add-on for FirefoxYou know, from an add-on called, Flagfox – I do not really expect much.  So it shows a country flag depicting the location of the current website’s server location.  That is neat and all, but not really helping me become a more functional website browser.  What you might not know though is there is more to this simple add-on that just flags.

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Flagfox – Where is that Server?

Flagfox Extention for FirefoxDon’t you sometimes wonder where that server is that is hosting the web site you are viewing? Ok, maybe it isn’t something we all day dream about – but I do have a special connection with the web hosting world. Flagfox is a simple extention that does a simple job – it displays a country flag in the status bar depicting the location of the current web site’s server.

Here is a little more information from the extension developer:

It uses relatively little resources, and works by accessing an IP address database contained within the extension rather than relying on top-level-domain roots like “.com” or “.uk”. Clicking on the icon brings up further information from Wikipedia or Geotool, which is an online Geolocation tool. Geotool attempts to get more information from the Website’s IP address, such as ISP and city and shows the location on a Google Map.

Where are some of your favorite web sites really hosted?