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Firefox Add-on for Amazon Fans

Firefox Add-on for Amazon.com Users

I won’t lie to you, I do a lot, if not all, of my shopping online via Amazon.com.  They provide a great service, what can I say?  For fans of the Amazon service I have an add-on for Firefox that will knock your online shopping socks off.  Amazon Hot! Stuff is the perfect fan for any Amazon shopping addict.

Once installed, you easily have access to your lists, your cart, and gift ideas all from one browser button.  You can also quickly browser through hot new releases, most gifted, most wished for and the movers and shakers on the Amazon web site.  Without fuss or confusion it does what it is suppose to do – give you easier browsing access to some of the most popular parts of the Amazon web site. 

If you consider yourself a die-hard Amazon fan, the Amazon Hot! Stuff extension for Firefox can not be missed.  Consider this your blue light special to get the month of June started off right.

Top 3 Mozilla Store Favorites

The Mozilla Store has been getting better and bigger ever since it’s launch. They have tons of cool Firefox or Mozilla themed merchandise for you to pick up. To help you with your shopping I though I would point out a few of my favorites that they have in stock right now.

#1 – Firefox Plushie – How is this not the cutest thing ever? You can get your own plush red panda (also known as firefoxes) then hug it, squeeze it and name it George.


#2 – Firefox Hoodie – This awesome, yet simple hoodie will make a bold statement. You like Firefox, and your not afraid to wear it.


#3 – Notable Flip Jotter – Lets see you whip this bad boy out in your next big meeting to take notes and then see the “ohhh” and “ahhh” remarks you get from those people oh so envious of you.


So that is my favorite Firefox gear, do you have your own?