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14ZKidz Theme for Firefox

It seems like there are less and less Firefox themes being released these days. Has every good design been done? Well right about when you start to think that another one comes along to take over your browser’s look and feel.


The oddly named 14ZKidz theme has a colorful (but not kick you in the face with glee) look to it. As you know by now, I like the simple ones – and this one delivers it as good as any of the other boys on the block do.

+ Download and Install the 14ZKidz Theme for Firefox!

Classic Compact Look to Firefox

Classic Compact ThemeBigger is not always better.

Sometimes keeping things a little more compact means that you have more room for the more important things.

That is where the Classic Compact Firefox theme is so valuable. It gives you that classic look of the Firefox theme but in miniature form.

A very compact version of Firefox’s default theme, which minimizes vertical space consumed by menu, tool, tab, find and status bars as much as possible without hurting overall appearance.

+ Download and Install the Classic Compact Theme for Firefox!

CrystalFox Cute

I am not sure if I really like the idea of my browser being cute. Then again, not sure if I would want it to be overly macho either. Nobody likes a browser with a five-o-clock shadow and a bad attitude. Most people would say Internet Explorer fits that description, not Firefox.

With that now being common knowledge now I have to say I like the CrystalFox Cute theme for Firefox. It is pretty darn cute.

CrystalFox Cute

+ Download and Install the CrystalFox Cute Theme for Firefox!

Aquamarine Firefox Theme

I always like to see themes that are different takes or variations on some of the default themes we have seen in the past for Firefox. I don’t need a lot of fancy stuff – just give me something that looks good, and I am not embarrassed to have on my desktop.

(PimpZilla folks, I am looking at you! Haha..)


Aquamarine takes the cake. It is nice to look at and it doesn’t kick sand in my eye with too much to look at.

+ Download and Install the Aquamarine Theme for Firefox!


WhitehartWhen you want a simple, small and to the point Firefox theme – you want Whitehart. Now from the name it reminds me of some brave knight that would go slay a dragon or two. Well, I guess you could think of this theme as a knight slaying the big bad Internet if you wish. The simple – yet elegant appearance makes this theme perfect for any minimalist out there.

+ Download and Install the Whitehart theme for Firefox!


BlueQuteWhen it comes to Firefox themes, the Qute theme is one of my favorites. Now it looks like somebody has taken this original design and smacked it with some blue here and there. Instead of the multi-colored interface, now everything has a blue tint to it. It is still simple and nice – it is just feeling a little blue now.

+ Download and Install the BlueQute theme for Firefox!

Add a Calculator to Firefox

This extension for Firefox is pretty straight forward. It gives you the ability to have a little calculator in your sidebar for all those times you need to crunch some numbers on the Web. Sure, I haven’t ever had to do that either – but it is nice to know it is there.

[Learn More About the Calc Extension!]