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Firefox Add-ons Site Gets a Makeover

New Firefox Add-on Love!

Today is the day that Firefox’s new add-on site has gone live.  You can check it all out at addons.mozilla.org.  The new look and feel does look nice, and there is a lot to love here.  For example, on the main page you have  rotating list of suggestions based on categories like web development, family, social, travel and more.  Each category on the left-side menu also has a number count – so you can see exactly how many extensions there are.  My favorite new feature might be the listing of recommended, popular, just added and updated extensions all right on the front page.  No more hunting around link to link to find them all. 

So, what is your general feeling for the new Firefox add-ons site?  Love it or hate it?  I’ll be sure to be diving into more features from this new site later on – but till then I want to hear what you think about it.

Find a Persona That Fits You!

Firefox’s Personas change-around got an update and a new web site dedicated to it here recently.  What will your browser wear today?  It is up to you to choose at GetPersonas.com.

Get Your New Firefox Persona

You now have an online gallery of Persona skins to browse through, from the newest to most popular.  You also have several categories of themes to choose from too.  The best part of the site, is if you have the Personas change-around installed, it will change as you hover over each preview image.

My only beef with Personas now is the fact that it dims my tab bar so much, on most skins I have a hard time seeing the text on the tabs.  Back to the web site though, GetPersonas.com also allows you to login and submit your own skins too.  Let me know if you do in the comments, as I would really like to see some new interesting designs.