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View Source Code in the Same Tab

Like to use the “View Source” option in Firefox a lot? When you do this neat little option, it always opens in a new window.  That can be a little annoying.  What if you could get the source to pop up in the same tab?  That is the action that the View Source Code in the Same Tab add-on does.

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Professor X

Ever wanted to peek into the head of your favorite Web site? Maybe your a Web designer that needs to check something on your own Web site. No mater what the reason, Professor X is a really neat tool to have on hand. The Professor X extension for Firefox let’s you see inside a page’s head without viewing the source code.

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There hasn’t been anything new added to viewing a Web site’s source code in some time now. Personally I don’t like the viewer that comes built in with Firefox. I would rather use my own note program to view a Web site’s HTML code. What am I to do? I picked up the ViewSourceWith Firefox extension.

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