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Firefox Nebula Wallpaper

I am not a big fan of logos or marketing on my wallpaper, however even I have been using this beauty.


Found it randomly when surfing through Google images looking for something totally un-related.  Maybe finding treasures like this is better when you don’t look for it, it just finds you… or perhaps that is a little too deep of a rabbit hole to jump down this early in the morning.

You can pick the wallpaper up at Gnome-Look.org, and I have also seen it here too (just in case that first one give you trouble or goes down). 

NASA Night Launch Theme

Time to take Firefox where no other web browser has gone before. We might even “boldly go” there while we are at it. The NASA Night Launch theme for Firefox gives you a dark theme that isn’t too tacky.

Nasa-friendly Firefox Theme

Lets just hope you can keep those Klingon hotties at bay after getting this sucker up and running.