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Change the Firefox Spell Check Font Format

Change Firefox Spellchecking Style

Want to make your misspelled words stand out a ‘bit more when composing a message in Firefox?  It is easy to do with this quick about:config tweak.  You can select no highlighting, a dotted line, long dots, a single straight line, a double underline or the default squiggly line.

Here is how you can make your spelling mistakes stand out more in Firefox.

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Style, Grammar and Spell Checker for Firefox

One of my favorite tools to use to check for grammar problems in my writing is called After the Deadline.  Put out there by the same people who brought you WordPress, this plugin for WordPress is the top notch tool when it comes to style, grammar and spell checking.  What if you want to use it other places though?  That is where the After the Deadline Spell and Grammar Check bookmarklet comes into play.

Grammar Check Anywhere! 

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Use Firefox’s Spellchecker Anywhere!

Did you know that Firefox comes in handy when it comes to proof reading pages?  Using a simple bookmarklet, you can easily enable Firefox’s built in spell checker on any web site.

The first step to take would be to bookmark this link (or drag and drop it onto your bookmarks toolbar).

+ spell check

When the bookmarklet is clicked, Firefox will turn on the built in spellchecker and highlight any misspelled words that are on the page you are currently browsing.  You can check for suggested changes too, of course they will not be saved to the page though.  This quick bookmarklet does come in might handy though for anybody who spends their time proof reading any online content.

(Kudos to Download Squad and UrbanoAlvarez.es!)

Spell Check for All Text Areas

Spellchecking FixFirefox’s spell checker has saved my bacon a number of times. Before I had to search around for special tools and services to slap me on the wrist each time I misspelled mississipi..misissippi..Mississippi!

For some reason though, by default Firefox does not do spell checking in all text areas. You can fix that for youself like I did with a little about:config tweaking.

In your about:config (type about:config in the address bar to access) search for this string:


Change the value from 1 to 2 to get spell checking for all text fields and not just the big text area boxes.