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Spread Firefox with Really Big Stickers!

Help Spread Firefox!

Want to help spread the word about Firefox using huge stickers? Well yes, it might sound a little odd but this is Mozilla’s newest marketing tool for our favorite browser.

You’ve been drafted to be a part of Operation Firefox.

Are you ready to infiltrate society and spread Firefox one sticker at a time? Operation Firefox is currently recruiting agents to place huge 3.5’ Firefox stickers where the world will see them. In addition to worldwide notoriety, you might wind up with a new MacBook Pro or a Nintendo Wii.

Sounds like pretty good prizes to me. It should also be interesting to watch where these stickers start to pop up all around the world.

The contest is two-tiered: first, we’re putting out a call for the 50 best “placements” for these stickers (due November 9th). Then, the most creative agents will receive a fathead sticker to complete their mission: take a photograph and submit before December 3rd. All 50 photos will be displayed on the Operation Firefox website, but the four best ones will receive a new MacBook Pro or Nintendo Wii.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and help spread the word.