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Tired of flash videos that start playing no matter if you want them to or not? FlashStopper will make flash players show you video thumbnails rather than autoplaying and ruining your browsing session.

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Classic Reload-Stop-Go Button GUI

The CRSG-extension for default Firefox theme enables combined “Reload-Stop-Go”-buttons old GUI (on urlbar) like it was on Firefox 4-8. It does not create a new button! So if you miss the way you used to have a stop, go and reload button in the address bar – check this add-on out.

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Combine Stop and Reload in Firefox

10_after Tired of having the stop button taking up too much room in Firefox?  Well, you could remove it from the interface all together or hide it, until you need it.  The Smart Stop/Reload extension for Firefox will combine your stop and reload buttons into one.

This is to save you toolbar space, plain and simple.  To avoid unintended reloads, the button is disabled for a split second when a page has finished loading.

For those of you who might have the Stylish extension installed, you have a few more options when it comes to combining the stop and reload buttons.  Pick up the Stylish add-on then try these user styles out:

I like anything that helps me remove the browser clutter, so take your pick out of these suggestions – and if you have anymore, feel free to leave a comment and suggest!

Rickrolling with Firefox

Poor ol’ Rick Astley has never been as popular as he has been in the past few weeks. Thanks to the new Internet prank of “rickrolling” millions of people have listening to his song. Probably more so than listened to it in 1987 if I had to guess. If you have your Firefox handy you too can get in on the fun.

RollTube is the first one the list, after installing this addon it will switch every video on YouTube with the infamous video of Rick shaking his funky white stuff. Here it is in action:

RollTube – the rick roll firefox extension from fffffat labs on Vimeo.

If all this Rick Astley love isn’t doing it for you, and your more annoyed than amused by it all then I have an addition to Firefox to help you out as well. Pick up the Rickroll Database. This is a filter you can setup your AdBlock Plus to subscribe to. You can also submit your own rickrolling videos to the database to make sure nobody else gets fooled by it again.

Just remember, here on Firefox Facts we’ll never give you up or let you down either… promise!

Add Some Spice to Your Stop Button

Feel like the stop button is just a little too dull these days? Well if you want to add a little spice to the experience I have two Firefox extention additions that will get that done, or just drive you nuts.

hammertime Stop! Hamertime!

Yeah, I wore MC Hammer pants once upon a time, so don’t act like you didn’t. I’ve got a Firefox addon that allows me to peak inside your closet, I know they are there. With Stop! Hammertime! each time you hit the stop button, you hear one thing that both made and broke poor MC Hammer’s career.

Stop in the name of Love!

In the same spirit as Stop! Hammertime! this newer extension replaces your stop button with a heart and each time you hit the button Diana Ross and the Supremes will sing a little ‘bit of the “Stop in the name of love” song. Not something I’ll be jamming out to here anytime soon, but fun to use to pull a prank on somebody.

Both of these oddball addons were created by Ben Dodson, be sure to check out his site and give him praise for his unique addons for your favorite browser.

MC Firefox?

Finally the extension we have all been waiting for! Now we can have MC Hammer functionality built right into our favorite browser.

Adds ‘STOP! Hammer Time..’ functionality to FireFox – Simply go to “view -> toolbars -> customise” and swap your stop button for the hammertime button!

[Learn More About Hammer Time!]