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This add-on, storeTab, is an interesting add-on for Firefox that allows you to open many tabs and then in a simple click, save those tabs for later.  You can reopen your browser and restore the tabs you saved at any time too.

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Go Shopping with the Mozilla Community

Got a great idea for a Mozilla-based t-shirt?

Inspired by the Firefox 3 t-shirt design contest, the new Mozilla Community Store gives you the chance to design a shirt for Mozilla anytime you wish.  It is time to take that great idea to the public, and Mozilla will help you do it (as long as it is Mozilla related).

Here are a few of my favorites I have seen thus far…

 ffs1  ffs2  ffs3

Every shirt they have listed was created by the Mozilla community.  Once you find the design you like, you can customize it even further (by selecting the style, color and much more) then order it.  Think of it as Firefox add-ons for your body.

If you create any of your own designs – share them with us here.  Would love to check ’em out!

Top 3 Mozilla Store Favorites

The Mozilla Store has been getting better and bigger ever since it’s launch. They have tons of cool Firefox or Mozilla themed merchandise for you to pick up. To help you with your shopping I though I would point out a few of my favorites that they have in stock right now.

#1 – Firefox Plushie – How is this not the cutest thing ever? You can get your own plush red panda (also known as firefoxes) then hug it, squeeze it and name it George.


#2 – Firefox Hoodie – This awesome, yet simple hoodie will make a bold statement. You like Firefox, and your not afraid to wear it.


#3 – Notable Flip Jotter – Lets see you whip this bad boy out in your next big meeting to take notes and then see the “ohhh” and “ahhh” remarks you get from those people oh so envious of you.


So that is my favorite Firefox gear, do you have your own?

Mozilla Store Gets Makeover

Mozilla Store

The Mozilla Store has gotten a fresh new look. I have to say I really like it – and might even do some shopping there myself in the not so distant future. Why?

In honor of the new Mozilla Store opening, we are running a special promotion: with every purchase of over $10 that you make at the store, we will include an exclusive Japanese sticker set in your order. Take advantage of this great deal, and start shopping now!

If that is not enough reason to jump, then maybe winning $50 will be.

Not happy yet? How about you use the coupon code MOZILLASTYLE to get 10% off. Now lets see you keep from jumping up and down with excitement.