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Five Star Firefox Wallpaper

Now I am usually one of those people who do not like having an ad running as my desktop wallpaper. From time to time though, I can make an exception. While there are thousands of wallpapers out there with a Firefox theme – most of them suck. They are ugly and un-inspired as well.

So that is why I thought I would go out on a hunt for Firefox wallpaper I would actually see myself using. I am a pretty picky person, and I think you will be pretty amazed with the result.

Firefox Wallpaper #1 Firefox Wallpaper #2 Firefox Wallpaper #3

Firefox Wallpaper #4 Firefox Wallpaper #5 Firefox Wallpaper #6

Have any other awesome designs that I might have missed? Drop in a comment and let us all know.


BlueQuteWhen it comes to Firefox themes, the Qute theme is one of my favorites. Now it looks like somebody has taken this original design and smacked it with some blue here and there. Instead of the multi-colored interface, now everything has a blue tint to it. It is still simple and nice – it is just feeling a little blue now.

+ Download and Install the BlueQute theme for Firefox!

Planet Mir

Here is another theme ready for Firefox 2! Planet Mir looks more like the traditional Firefox 1.5 theme, but it has a few new quirks and styles that makes it fit in perfectly with the new Firefox 2 features. If the goal of the theme was to go for a cleaner, crisper looking theme than the default theme for Firefox – I think they did it.

+ Download the Planet Mir Theme for Firefox!

Update! Looks like I goofed, because Planet Mir isn’t exactly ready for Firefox 2 just yet. Hopefully it will be soon though, because it is a great minimalistic theme!


Stylish is to CSS what Greasemonkey is to JavaScript. Stylish allows you to easily manage user styles for the application UI, all websites, or only certain websites. Stylish is better than using userChrome.css/userContent.css because styles are applied immediately instead of requiring a restart.

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