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Firefox at Nearly 20 Percent Market Share

Browser Market Share, by the Numbers

The team at Net Applications via their Market Share service have collected some very interesting numbers as it pertains to the current generation browser wars. 

With browser market share, Firefox is at 19.22% across all operating systems.  In third place is Safari at 6.14% – which shows you it pays to trick people into downloading your browser.  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the king of the mountain though with 73.02% of the market cornered.

Breaking down the Firefox numbers even further, it appears Firefox 2 is still used by 13.02% of the people while Firefox 3 is at 5.67%. 

So overall, it is safe to say that everything is going good in Mozilla land.  It seems like every time I check out a survey or poll like this, the number keep going up and up a few percentages every time.  The browser wars are still heating up which in turn is good for all of us, regardless of the browser you use.