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RSS Icon In Location Bar

RSS Link in Address BarMiss having the RSS icon up in the location bar within Firefox? You can customize your toolbars and add the button back – if you have not done so before, but you could also try out the add-on for Firefox, RSS Icon In Awesombar. This extension will add the RSS icon bar to the location bar, like it was before Firefox 4.

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RSS Feed Change, Please Read!

Firefox Facts - Resubscribe!

Hello, sorry it has been a while since you last saw an update to this website – but that will all soon change.  However, I do have a little ‘bit of news that I think you should all know.  I am in the process of dropping FeedBurner as my RSS feed syndication method of choice, so if you are subscribed to:

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Mixing Google Reader and Live Bookmarks

Google Reader RSS Tip

Want to have instant access to all the RSS feeds you have subscribed to, without having to login and check them out through Google Reader?  You can do this by mixing Google Reader with Firefox’s Live Bookmark feature.  Since Google Reader outputs your reading list in RSS – it is easy to create a place where you can keep up to date with the latest news, without even launch the Google Reader website. 

Here is how you do it.

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Live Bookmarks 101

How to Use Live Bookmarks

Although the feature might not get as much love as others, the Live Bookmarks function of Firefox is one to be admired. Live Bookmarks can deliver you the most recent updates to you from any website, right in Firefox.  This is done through the magic of RSS (really simple syndication) and the Firefox browser.  So how can you set up a Live Bookmark and what exactly are they good for?  Let me walk you through the process.

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Beatnik – Another Simple Newsreader

There have been a number of RSS feed extensions out there that turn Firefox into a syndication master. You can go from browser to RSS reader and back within the blink of an eye – and not have to worry about launch a new web site or a new program.

Beatnik for Firefox

One new extenion RSS feed reader that recently caught my eye was Beatnik. It promises to be a “simple but elegant news reader”. With a description like that whats not to love?

It is simple. If your looking for neat features and a “wiz bang” interface, this isn’t the extension for you. If you need a feed reader for a dozen feeds or so and you want it built into your browser, you might want to give Beatnik a shot.