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Firefox 4 T-Shirt Design Challenge

Firefox 4 T-Shirt Designs

Are you a graphic designer looking for a new muse? Mozilla has a new contest going on for designing the new Firefox 4 launch t-shirt. All they need now is your submissions for some of the best and unique Firefox 4 logo designs.  The winning design will be printed as the official Firefox 4 launch t-shirt, a limited edition item featured in the Mozilla store and distributed to the world wide audience of Firefox fans.

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Award Winning Shirt Design


Big congratulations to Tracie Andrews, the winner of the Firefox 3 t-shirt design contest!  I have to say this wasn’t on my radar much (the contest that is) but this design is really awesome.  I would wear it, that is for sure!  If you want to see the other t-shirt designs – check them out at Flickr.  You have to join the group (yes, that even confused me) but there were a lot of cool designs to choose from.

Firefox 3 : the t-shirt contest?

I love how the Mozilla peeps can come up with and idea for a contest, and it does really just seem cooler because they are doing it.  The latest from Spread Firefox is a Firefox 3 T-Shirt Contest.  You can show your creativity and help promote Firefox 3 all at the same time. 

The winner of the contest will get:

  • Worldwide recognition for designing the official Firefox 3 T-Shirt featured in the Mozilla Store.
  • A free Firefox 3 T-Shirt to show off your winning design.
  • $250 gift voucher to Amazon.com.

4 runners up will receive:

  • A free Firefox 3 T-Shirt with the winning design.
  • A $50 gift voucher to Amazon.com.

Check out the official page for the rules for submission.

Looks like there will be two rounds of voting, one for weeding out the field by Mozilla and the second round will be decided by the public.  Submission deadline is Sunday March 16th 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) so get to work! 

Firefox 2 T-Shirts and Party

Want to have your say in the planning of the Firefox 2006 Party? If so, go check out this thread over at spreadfirefox.com:

We’re still working hard to get the Party Tool up. We’re also putting together Firefox 2 Party Packs — a small kit including t-shirts, stickers, and other Firefox swag that we’ll make available to party-goers. (You all are planning to host or attend a Firefox 2 party, right?!)

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