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Firefox Link and Resource Round Up

Time to take a look at what others are saying and doing with our favorite browser. From fables to cake, you can have it all – but I wouldn’t suggest eating it too. Links don’t taste that great.

Have another one to share? Drop me an e-mail and let me know about it.

Highlight Everything!

The HighlightAll extension for Firefox is a very useful tool for searching inside of one Web page for content. All you have to do to make this sucker work is highlight the word you want to find once. After that, the extension does all the heavy lifting and all occurrences of that word will automatically get highlighted.

No right-clicking. No menus. Just select the word with your mouse and you are on your way. This simple extension goes a long way for helping folks find a certain topic in large areas of text. With a white background and black text, my eyes sometimes might miss a word I am scanning for. Not anymore!

+ Download and Install the HighlightAll Extension for Firefox!