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Lolifox Theme Just Makes Me Angry at the World

lolifox-theme Now I am not one to usually fight the Firefox community, but this just kind of take the cake for being totally absurd.  How in the heck does the Lolifox by ChaosRing Theme have these kind of download numbers?

  • 5,982 weekly downloads
  • 6,327 total downloads

Just look at it!  All they did was take the CrystalFox Modern theme and put a creepy picture of a fox-child-thing on it and make the background bright green. 

This ugly theme does bring up one good point, which is – what is Mozilla’s policy when somebody openly steals another person’s theme or design?

Now sure, there might be some other not-so-great looking themes out there however they have their audiences, so you have to respect that.  On the other hand though, the Lolifox theme is the worst theme I have seen in a very long time.

Greasemonkey Security Issues

Greasemonkey Security Issues?Well, this is one of those security issues that everybody always knew was there – but the community usually did a good job at policing it themselves to where it did not become an issue. It looks like somebody has been creating and uploading Greasemonkey scripts that steal your cookies. Since your cookies store a lot of information about you – you can see this is a kind of big deal here.

Here is the post that got my attention on UserScripts.org:

Someone has been attempting to post scripts that steal cookies. Thanks to several alert us.o citizens (including davey, descriptor, loucypher, joel h, pogue) we have been able to note that the script is malicious and then delete them.

I’m putting up a banner to warn people that newly uploaded/updated scripts should be put under extra scrutiny.

I’ve also decreased the cache duration of rss feeds to 10 minutes, so if you keep an eye on http://userscripts.org/feeds/recent_scripts it will be a lot fresher than normal (it was cached for an hour)

So yes, everybody should be extra careful when downloading scripts like this – even if it is from a trusted source. I am happy to see the UserScripts.org team moved so quickly on this though. That makes me feel a lot better about my continued use of their Firefox extension.

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