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Trust My Web

Trust My Web Add-on for FirefoxThe TrustMyWeb add-on can help you to have a safe Internet browsing attitude by checking the status in your Firefox status bar. Without disturbing your Internet browsing, just check if the bullet in your status bar is green and go on!

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Stay Away From Dangerous Content

We all like to stay clear of things that might be bad for us Online. McAfee’s SiteAdvisor has done a great job in filtering the Web and letting us know what is safe and what might not be so safe. Is there an alternative out there though? Yes there is, and the name of it is WOT.

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Trust with a Web site is a hard thing to build, if you do not know who runs the Web site or what they are after exactly. Going through random Google searches, you are bound to trip over a bad Web site every once in a while. How can you tell if a search link is good or bad? You need the TrustWatch Search Extension by GeoTrust.

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