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Best 10 TV and Movie Personas for Firefox

Popular TV and Movie Personas

What are some of the best Personas you can pick up for Firefox from the Film and TV category?  I recently took a trip through some of the user created backgrounds for Firefox, and found ten of the best examples.  These are all Personas I find both usable and fun to look at, and might help lighten the day the next time you launch your favorite browser.

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Get Yourself Into the Firefox Ads

You know you want to be rich and famous. Well, I can not help you with the money side of things, but I can point you in the direction of getting your name on TV.

So here’s your chance to be a part of history by joining in on the first test run. Our first TV test will work like this: With help from you all, we selected 4 ads to send to television. The first 72 sponsors to partner with Mozilla by adding $10 dollars to our Flicks ad fund will have their names appear on the air as part of actual ads.

+ Make History with You and Firefox Flicks on TV!

Call in for Firefox 2 Launch

They have posted an interesting idea over at SpreadFirefox.com for the launch day of Firefox 2.

On the day of Mozilla’s Firefox 2 release, Firefox fans can
make calls to their local radio and TV stations. We can provide a few talking points and possibly host a conference call for the community to offer tips on how to work with the press. We can provide a list of the top 10 media markets, but no market is too small to hear about Firefox 2.

Why stop there? I say you start picking random numbers in the phone book and let them know about it. Just keep talking till they hang up on you and then try somebody else. :)