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Bottom UI

Want to move the user interface of Firefox to the bottom of the window, rather than have it at the top? The Bottom UI add-on is perfect for you because that is what it does.

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More In Content UI +

With More in Content UI + you can view interface in tabs (or sidebar) rather than floating window. It means that you can change default behavior of commands in Firefox and add-ons (menu items, toolbar button, etc.) from opening an interface in window to opening it in sidebar or tab.

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Home Dash for Firefox 4

Home Dash for Firefox 4

Mozilla Labs has released a very interesting new browser interface you can try out in Firefox 4.  Home Dash for Firefox 4 removes a lot of the Firefox user interface and gives you what they call "Browse-Based Browsing".  It really does bring a radically different way to use Firefox right to your fingertips.  Is it worth using?

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8 Stylish Tweaks for the New Tab Button

Firefox 3.5’s new tab button has already been established as a feature some people like and some people could do without.  However, what if you could tweak it visually to meet your needs?  That is what some people have done, and here are the eight most popular new tab button hacks out there today.

Please Note: To use any of these, you will need to have the Firefox add-on Stylish installed.

No Icon Image Until Click – New tab button icon does not appear until you CLICK on it instead of when you hover because there is another style that produces that effect.

hide the new tab button icon, until clicked

Tiny + 3D(Special Effects) – New Tab Button on the tab bar is tiny and when you click on it, it changes.

Make it smaller

Left Side New Tab Button – Move the new tab button to the left of the tab bar, instead of the far right of the tab bar.

add new tabs on the left of the tab bar

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