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Automatic Photo Slideshow

When viewing photos or pictures Online, there has to be a better way to do it. I don’t want to have to scroll down the page looking at thumbnails.

That is so 2001! There has to be a more efficient way of getting this simple job done.

There is and it’s name is AutoSlideshow. The AutoSlideshow extension for Firefox allows you to view graphics on a Web page in a little “photo player”. Here is what the author of the extension has to say about it.

AutoSlideshow allows you to view slideshows of images of web pages or images linked to from web pages. This is mainly useful for viewing images of a page with no possibility for image browsing.

Auto Slideshow

Right now it has special support for: wikipedia, google, yahoo, facebook.com and studivz.net. As time goes by I could see a lot of areas where this simple extension could expand and get even better.

+ Download and Install the AutoSlideshow Extension for Firefox!