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Five Star Firefox Wallpaper

Now I am usually one of those people who do not like having an ad running as my desktop wallpaper. From time to time though, I can make an exception. While there are thousands of wallpapers out there with a Firefox theme – most of them suck. They are ugly and un-inspired as well.

So that is why I thought I would go out on a hunt for Firefox wallpaper I would actually see myself using. I am a pretty picky person, and I think you will be pretty amazed with the result.

Firefox Wallpaper #1 Firefox Wallpaper #2 Firefox Wallpaper #3

Firefox Wallpaper #4 Firefox Wallpaper #5 Firefox Wallpaper #6

Have any other awesome designs that I might have missed? Drop in a comment and let us all know.

Free Firefox Wallpaper

Over at rakaz they have a nice selection of Firefox-themed wallpaper. Now when it comes to Firefox wallpaper (for the most part) I have yet to see a really good looking one. Some of these though are the closest I have ever seen to being very usable. If you want to show everybody how much you love our favorite browser – pick them up.

Free Firefox Wallpaper

ffwp.pngSure you love using Firefox as your browser, but your not a true fan unless you have some wallpaper love for your Internet companion. I recently ran across a plethora of free Firefox wallpaper, and much of it I really like. The only problem I could see is that most (if not all) are set at the 1024 x 768 resolution.

[Check Out All the Free Firefox Wallpaper!]