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25 Best Web Dev Add-ons

When it comes to working on your website, web design or anything else related to that, Firefox can come in handy. Why? There are hundreds of great web developer related add-ons for Firefox. Here are 25 of the most popular web developer related extensions for our favorite browser:

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Text Link

It can be annoying when you see a link on a website, you want to click it but you can not.  The Text Link add-on for Firefox allows you to click on URL text written in webpages to be loaded by a simple double click.

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IE Tab V2

This add-on for Firefox is update and fully supported (Just in case you were let down on previous IE Tab extension).  It allows you to open websites up in Internet Explorer from within Firefox.  Even these days, you still run into websites that need Internet Explorer.  If you run into this a lot then this extension is for you.

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A Simple Links Counter for Firefox

When you mix simple and Firefox together, you can get my attention every time.  The Simple Links Counter add-on for Firefox shows the number of internal and external links on any given page in the browser status bar.   This makes it the perfect companion for all your other web developer tools and add-ons for Firefox.

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10 Firefox Extensions For Web Development

It seems like just about everybody these days is a “web developer”. We all have our own corner of the Internet that we like to call home. Just like you have a tool belt for home repairs, you need one for Web site repairs as well. That is where this top 10 list from The Moleskin comes into play. I have to say I agree with all the choices for the best Firefox extensions for Web development. Do you?

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