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Give Your Firefox That Wooden Look

Walnut2 for Firefox

How much wood would a Firefox chuck if a Firefox could chuck wood?  Walnut2 is one of those themes I have overlooked in the past, because I am not exactly the biggest fan of the over themed themes (I am looking at you Red Cats).  On the other hand though, Walnut2 is a well designed theme, so deserves its spot with the best of the best in the theme archive.

Other than having a great detailed design, this theme also includes support for DOMInspector, chatzilla, stumbleupon, downloadstatusbar, fission, forecastfox, downloadmgr, calendar, quicknote, offline, googlebar, MAB, and more.

If your looking for a wooden wallpaper to match up with your wooden Firefox, be sure to check out my 25 favorite ways to make your desktop wooden.  So love it, or hate it?  Download the Walnut2 theme for Firefox and give me your thoughts and feedback on it.

Curacau 3 Theme for Firefox

So what happened to Curacau one and two I bet you are asking. I wish I had the answers. The third of this unknown trilogy if pretty slick looking though. Slick if you like that blue wood feeling.

Curacau 3

It kind of makes me think of a house out by the lake. Why? I have no clue. I figured that would be a lot more interesting than the theme I found last week that made me want to cry. You see I only share with you the best of the best. Curacau 3 – welcome to that exclusive club.

+ Download and Install the Curacau 3 Theme for Firefox!