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WYSIWYG for Text Areas

True, some Web sites do not give you a really nice text editor to work with. Some of the text input forms on the Web are down-right ugly at times. Don’t you wish you could just take your own HTML editor to any Online form so your written words might look a little nicer? That is what Xinha Here! allows you to do. Think of it as icing on the cake when it comes to editing your Online text.

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Most “What You See Is What You Get” or WYSIWYG editors aren’t worth much. Sure there are a few that break that rule, but for the most part I have always said you are better off ignoring them. What if you could edit other people’s Web sites in this way? As long as it is for your own private use, I don’t see a problem with that. That is what the Mimulus Firefox extension brings to the dance.

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